Flooded Carpet Drying

At Sapphire Floor Care we understand that flood and water damage situations can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s why we can help provide a quick and stress free solution. With our experience and commercial grade drying equipment, we can help restore your home or office back its original condition in no time.

Water damaged carpet and flooding can come from a variety of sources; burst pipes, heavy rain, running taps, overflowing washing machine or a hole in the roof. Whatever the reason for the carpet flood damage, we have the skill, experience and equipment to ensure your home or business is safe and dry.

Drying Wet Carpet & Flooded Areas

We provide a 7 day emergency flood and water damage call out service throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We provide a quick response which will reduce damage to the content of your property and any health risks.

The restoration of the affected area will depend on the type of water that has infiltrated the area. Treatment varies if the water is clean (sinks, baths, water supply lines), grey (toilet water without faeces, dishwasher, washing machine) or black (sewage, river water).

Flood Restoration – Industry Leading Equipment

Our equipment is the best on the market. The equipment is specifically designed for carpet flood damage situations. We have airmovers, heaters and dehumidifiers to assist with fast drying times and increase the rate of vaporization. This is the key to effective carpet drying after any kind of widespread water damage.

This also counteracts mould growth and reduces the risk of surplus moisture damage and structural damage to your property.

We control bacteria contamination, water damage odour and control air quality. We use treatments to sanitise, control and reduce the spread of bacteria. Our treatments protect against mould and mildew. Where there is a risk of reduce air quality we can use air filtration devices to improve air quality.

What To Do When Faced With Flooding

  1. Ensure the area is safe by turning off any supply to exposed electrical sockets and appliances.
  2. Stop the water leakage as soon as possible. Check all taps are turned off and turn off the mains water.
  3. Call Sapphire Floor Care straight away. Our quick response will reduce the spread of mould and reduce the damage to contents and the properties structure
  4. Take photos of the affected areas. This will help with any insurance claims.
  5. Move furnitureand other valuables that are in the wet area. Lift curtains and blinds
  6. Air flooded rooms. If possible, open all doors and windows to air out the flooded area and help stop mould.
water damage floor
Water damaged ceiling

Call Sapphire Floor Care today on 1300 232 618 for any water damage carpet cleaning or flood restoration enquiry you have.

Mould Remediation

Pointing at mould on wall
Mould remediation due to poor ventilation

We provide expert mould remediation services in metro Brisbane. Our services include internal and external mould removal for both domestic and commercial properties.

Mould is found in damp locations and is a naturally occurring fungi. It reproduces using tiny airborne spores. It can be found indoors and outdoors. It is prevalent in areas where there is excess moisture, humidity or poor ventilation. Not only does it look bad, it can be hazardous to your health. This relates to young children, the elderly and people weak or compromised immune systems.

If you notice mould growing in your property or notice a musty/earthy smell in the air, it’s important to deal with the problem quickly. You can ignore the problem, but there is a risk that it will spread and turn into a bigger problem.

Professional Mould Removal

Mould remediation
Fixing mould

If mould is visible, it represents a sustained moisture problem. The most like cause is a leak or humidity created by condensation. Activities such as drying clothes indoors, showering, cooking and breathing without adequate ventilation can cause excess moisture. Water droplets can form on indoor surfaces such as windowsills, walls, ceilings and mirrors.

Mould Removal Brisbane

Our fast and effective mould removal service means we can usually treat your property in a single day. The aim of any mould remediation In Brisbane is to permanently remove the mould. This means no mould in the affected area for more than 12 months. To assist this, it requires the property owner to;

  • Install ventilation system if required
  • Keep the area well ventilated
  • Control the moisture in the area
  • Dry wet materials quickly
  • Improve airflow in your property

Mould Remediation Brisbane

Our experienced technicians are trained in mould removal techniques that identify the problem, provide the correct treatment and help prevent mould reappearing in the future.

While it is possible to deal with minor mould problems yourself, it might be better to hire a professional mould removal company. Properly trained technicians have the experience and equipment to identify the source of the mould and look around the areas where visible mould is present.

Call Sapphire Floor Care on 1300 232 618 for any mould removal questions you have or to book in a job.

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