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3 Of The Best Reasons To Use Our Grout and Tile Cleaning Brisbane Service

It’s got to be said that tiles are one of the best ways to add that all important finishing touch to your home. With a fantastic array of materials, sizes, colours, and patterns, the only limit really is your imagination. It seems that plenty of Brisbane residents agree with us, judging by the constant demand for our tile cleaning Brisbane service.

Tiles are almost an essential part of Brisbane living since they keep interiors cool on balmy days and can make the look and flow of your rooms appear totally seamless. That said, tiles do need regular TLC and cleaning to keep them looking shiny and bright. Sure, you could clean your own tiles, but for a deep down clean of both tiles and grout, we’d always recommend you call out the professionals.


We’re experts in hard floor cleaning and maintenance and know just how to restore your jaded tiles and grout to their former glory. We can identify the material your tiles are made from and determine the appropriate cleaning solutions to use. We can also seal your tiles and/or grout with a sealant to help prevent staining and keep them looking cleaner for longer.

When we carry out tile cleaning, Brisbane homeowners are so pleased with the results that they feel as if their home has had a makeover. Here are 3 more important reasons for using our service:

  • Gives you time to do other things – Mopping is time-consuming and can actually push dirt into the grout, so no matter how hard you mop, your tiles still look dirty. Our powerful turbo force method of tile cleaning involves rotary scrubbing of the tiles and grout, scrubbing all the tile lines with a brush, and then blasting the tiles with high-pressure steam. Your tiles are then dry buffed and polished to a gloss. Tiles and grout are dry in just 15 minutes – How does that compare to the time you spend mopping and drying?
  • Hygienic and healthy – Grout is extremely porous and susceptible to bacteria, mould, and harmful pathogens. We use high-pressure steam to get right into the grout lines (something a mop can never do) which kills harmful pathogens, mould, and bacteria. Your tiles are sanitised and hygienic, providing reassurance for you and your family, especially if any of you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.
  • Tiles last longer – Regular turbo force cleaning of your tiles not only keeps your floors looking beautiful but it extends their life too. When grout becomes extremely dirty no amount of mopping or hand scrubbing will clean it. You may even risk damaging the delicate edges of your tiles. As a result, many homeowners feel there is no other choice than to replace their tiles – which can be extremely costly in anyone’s book. Why go to all that hassle when we can clean and regrout your tiles at a fraction of the cost instead?

If your tiles are looking more shabby then chic then get in touch with Sapphire Floorcare on 07 3820 8706. We’re tile cleaning Brisbane experts with a wealth of combined knowledge. You can trust us to restore your tiles back to their former glory.

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